Services / Scientific Computing

Scientific Computing At Scale

Mind As Lab is into Scientific Computing. We provide high performance numerical computing, data science and machine learning solutions to our clients.

We are experts and our mastery of GNU/Linux and cloud technologies means we can do computing at scale. If you think you need super computing power for your applications, you will find your self at the right place by consulting Mind As Lab.

Embedded A.I Gadgets

Computing power has increased so much that what was once a super computer in 2001 is a mere graphics card. The power of miniaturization means we can put machine learning software in gadgets in small dedicated embedded systems connected to the internet which can sense and report the environment, like how many people visited your shop today, did the customer enjoy food at your restaurant and so on.

Mind As Lab specializes in embedded machine learning as well. In short we scale and miniaturize our solutions depending on your need.