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We @ Mind As Lab are firm believers in Kanban, No Estimates, and Clean Code principles. We are a tortoise in the race rather than a hare. We believe in clear communication and firm rational footing at each and every step will one day pave to error and stress free exponential development.

It has never been Mind As Lab philosophy o deliver cheap and fast as we know it leads to too many compromises.

Project Management

We at Mind As Lab firmly believe if our philosophy is followed, one can deliver near error free technical products. Our project management service can be hired if one is not interested to form a company or one has it already and they want to hire Mind As Lab to build technical products.

Many start-ups have hired us to test their ideas, and we are fortunate to serve some of most successful companies on this planet. Just like outsourcing, Mind As Lab service will be seven star, and the code we generate, and project we mange will be under our control but will belong yo you.

Never Mind As Lab will ever let any one know that we had served you.