Services / Outsourcing

Setting Up Your Own Firm

Mind As Lab has helped individuals and companies set up their code houses in India. We are looking into Nigeria as well, but for years we have been giving legal and financial advise to to individuals and businesses who want to set up companies in our land India.

We make setting up your firm a turn key solution. Usually it starts with a discussion on what software our client wants to do, we then move on to legal work and financial ground work of finding setting up the company. Parallel we activate our Human Resource to find the right people to manage your company. While this happens another team in Mind As Lab looks at the technicality of your project and catalogs technical resources while working with our head hunters to put a team.

Finally a day arrives where you will get a flight ticket to Chennai, India. All you have to do is to visit here and inaugurate your company. Today it's a virtual meeting on your laptop.

Mind As Lab will be a hidden entity and never will the world know that your company is run by us.

Human Resource Management

The strength of an technical company is aggregate strength of it's human resource. Mind As Lab specializes in recruiting the best of people, an we keep them mentally healthy all the time so that one is passionate to work for your company.

If you visit your office or on a virtual call, all you may see is smiling faces. Once Mind As Lab runs your company, you will get a guarantee of continuity of human resource, that is you need not worry about people's attrition, heir financial requirements and so on, we abstract it for you and ensure continuous and smooth running of your business.

Technical Project Outsourcing

Mind As Lab does not stop just on setting up your company, we guarantee that your project will run well. We move on to project outsourcing where we find the right technical team to work on your project. The right managers. Quality and passion flows in our blood, and none other than A-payers will be in your company and in your team. Mind As Lab will ensure technical soundness of your project at all times.

Please refer Project Management for more.

Indian finances and accounting may be daunting, but don't worry, Mind As Lab has got excellent financial and legal advisers to guide your company, when we mean turn key, we mean it. It means that you will never worry about your finances again.

Mind As Lab also takes care of legal activities of your company, in fact most of minor legal activities may not even be visible in your radar and we would have neutralized it.

Media & P.R

We are not into media and P.R, we have rejected media management even though we had requests from our clients. We feel media and P.R are not our domain and the product owner should execute it. Given that we have strong legal team, we can advise what need to be put and need not be put on a companies social media.

Today's social media needs instant and emotional reaction, which contradicts our purpose. Mind As Lab is about science and its application. We stand for rationality rather than human emotional reaction management.